So I'm Back!

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After three long years, I'm back!!

Just graduated college & going to start work in August. In the meanwhile, I had the sudden urge to re-read all seven Harry Potter novels. I'm on Book II. As I was reading, I remembered how much I missed writing as well, and that was when I decided to come back to my roots!

It's ridiculous how much I've changed as a person since the last time I was on here, but that's the beauty of life, it helps you grow as a person.

I'm not sure when I will officially start writing again. Unfortunately, due to my hectic college schedule, I've been going through a mild writer's block :( All the creative juices have been sucked out of me and replaced with dry accounting concepts (ugh) However, I'm confident of their return....soon.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to do a TON of reviewing so please feel free to PM me with requests. I will burrow myself in the fiction section, so if you have a Non-Fiction piece, poem, etc. that you want reviewed, give me a holler.

Other than that, it feels good to be back :D
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