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So...it's almost over

Published by Honeybun in the blog Think Positive and Live Free. Views: 116

So...it's almost over.

People keep talking of "New Year's Resollution", and it's great! But it really makes me ponder; so, you need to make a list in order to keep your life in some kind of order? Do I need one? Who are those that need one anyway? Am I that bad to make one, to make my life better?

And so on...

I ended up with one thing actually, and it's to get a new diary to jot down 2009 month by month. Since I'm in the writing domain, then documenting my new year in a different country, would definitely be worthwhile Oh, yeah, I'm travelling a few days from now, to persue my higher studies...Creative Writing!

Have you made one?

To me it's usually the same. Though I never made a full length list- a mental list, that is- they're only a couple each year, and I'm glad to have achieved them, if not respectively, but they came with time.

One of which is to do well in my career as a university teacher, and to stand my ground and prove that I'm worthy of that position.

This year, 2009, will see a new one for sure.

And I'm glad...
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