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So what is Exzalia?

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 226

Exzalia is thee original world, the place were the elements were birthed and were the first divines took wing. It is an ever growing world constantly spawning new lands at it's rim making it literally an infinite world. It is not however a planet like earth, the dimension Exzalia exists in is different from ours, there is no space, no other planets. Exzalia takes up the entire dimension, one world the size of several galaxies, and constantly growing. it is here that life originated, this is the ultimate mother world and has a great and powerful secret.

the Aether spawn, at the centre of the world lie's the power that made this all possible Aether is a strange force, It is like energy in many was, formless, eternal. But unlike normal energy Aether has a strange affect on reality, the laws of nature and the universe are changed, suspended and down right broken at it's presence. We speculate that this is do to with the fact that aether is, it's self that was used to create the laws of reality in the first place. This force has another name, It is called magic.

The aether spawn is a mass of energy that continually pumps out mountains of aether. It is this aether that gave rise to the basic elements of fire, water, wind, earth and the two divine elements light and shadow. Literally these elements are a physical manifestation of aether. It is from this that Exzalia grows, and grows. Aether being spawned then forming into elements which then created Exzalia's lands.
Aether can be found in all dimensions in all worlds, but it's presence is strongest on Exzalia.

Now there is actually six type's of aether, each one manifests it's self into either one of the four basic elements, or the two divine ones. Every thing we then see is a result of these elements coming together. On Exzalia humans are believed to be. 3 parts earth aether, 2 parts water 1 part air, 1 part light, 1 part dark.

A phoenix would be. 4 parts fire, 2 parts earth, 3 part wind, 0 water, 3 light, 0 shadow.
This can be applied to everything in around us.

Now when aether was first around it was wild chaotic. Exzalia was unsubtle for life. Then, perhaps an eternal god, perhaps blind chance. Weaved aether into an orderly struct-er, and combined it together to get the first life forms. We know not what it is, and so we have dubbed what ever it may be, God or chance, Origin. From Origin everything came.

Now have you ever wonder how a mage, or creature is able to do physics defying feats? Like telaport, duplicate, shoot lightning from there fingers, fly with out wings? That because there using aether, though they may not realize it. Aether created reality, so only aether can break reality and this is how magic works. and Aether plays a big part in all my stories.

And so here ends the first glimpse of my world, there are many details to be covered like how aether is used, and Exzalia's early history, the different races on Exzalia ect, ect. But that's for another time.
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