So You Are A Writer?

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So you are a Writer. I've been telling myself that for the past...I don't long as I've been talking, probably. But if I were actually talking to myself, myself would turn and say. "Really! What did you write?" To which I would have replied, "...Stuff...."

I can make the argument that "I write, therefore I am a Writer," but there is something missing there. Dissatisfaction...incompleteness. Something has not been fulfilled. Today I realized what that is. Everybody writes. Everybody can say they are writers, but what separates a Writer from a "writer" is that they have the ambition to want to be admired. I don't want to just write things, I want people to read them and be like "Wow, amazing, I really agree, you're right on." I want to connect many. I want people to see and agree with the things I create and the views I take. That's what a "writer" is, and because I haven't made anything I felt truly got myself across to people...I haven't "written" anything yet.
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