Softball Squee

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I think I may have a little burn on my neck. This is like, the first game ever we've played in sunlight pretty much nonstop. Well, its really warm there. But my hair is down, so that may be it. Any insights?
I got on base twice, scored once, hit once, and that's it. Nothing at all was hit to me, sadly, and now I wish something was. This season is the funnest ever, because no one absolutely hates me (openly, at least).
(Side thought- Have you ever heard someone speaking Chinese, but sped up?)
And there are a lot of happy people on my team. Not that annoying happy, but that contagious happy. Do you know what I'm talking about?
(Have you ever thought about frying bacon on someone's chest, but then realizing the grease burns would be terrible?)
So, I did nothing at all productive today. how about you?
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