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Some early and rough worldbuilding and character plans i`e been working on

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Joe Welsh-false name, (Real name Mal Fisher) smuggler, running from something, captain of a falling apart drift ship. Skilled in smuggling trade, logistics, dealing with buyers. Parinoad, flighty, doesn't like to stay in one place too long. Brawler, good shot with a laser pistol. Cares for his crew though he'll never admit it, problem solver.

Theo Hispin-False name (Real name, Ed Malroy), military and paramilitary training. Combat, electrician, combat medic, tactile and armoury experience. Carries a thermal sequencer, a device that sequences thermal energy to inputed degrees. Mainly used to cauterise wounds, start fires, keep warm in low temp environments, and as a weapon in emergency situations. Carries lazer pistols, best gun slinger on the crew. Pre existing relationship with the captain. On the run

Charles Monroe-Scrapper, scavenger, and ship thief who found himself piloting a hunk of junk drift ship. Pilots the ship, helps interchange the parts, runs any salvage ops, and keeps the ship's security systems updated. NOt used to direct combat, sorts through scrap yards.

Riden Peirce- Engineer doing repairs at a low level trade port wanted something better found himself on a drift sihp Keeps the engines running and the ship from falling apart, .tinkers with tech, designs booby traps, picked up a few things living at a trade port and helps with negotiations. Is a licensed merchant due to having operated a repair station, his license is low level so doesn`tt open many doors but it opens more than they would without.

Sarah Mintgomery-Disgraced systems and communication tech. Keeps the ship's systems, scanners, and comm network running as well as she can with the lackluster equipment she has. Hacks into others networks, uses hi tech gadgets to help them out, and helps keep them hidden

Drifters- Term for people that leave everything behind to drift through space on run down cheap ships taking odd jobs. People either running from something, refuges, ex cons, or those so fed up with life. The term technically applies to anyone who moves through space without a specific goal, plan or job but that's the standard profile and public perception.

Drift ships-Term originally used to describe ships used by drifters, or ships drifting about with no real target location, but has come to be synonymous with rundown barely functioning ships uslay envisioned in the public eye to full of smugglers hide aways and illegal brands of gin.

Credit packs:Usb drive type things hold electronic currency,

Targoon and the settlement- Targoon is a unregulated planet in the 12th quadrant. Lawless lands made up of settlements, desserts, and warlord camps. The settlement they are in is ran by Baron Niverous more of a crime lord then a baron. The settlement is made up of one small makeshift space port, a canteen that double`s as offices, a scrap market (the barons good stocks are for high bidders only) and homes for the few that actually live there. The place is filled mostly with smugglers, scrappers and the few poor souls unlucky enough to live on this planet fleeing a warlord's wrath.

Gargon-An unregulated dwarf planet famous for both it`s constant gang wars and for boasting a very esttincve and infamous black market bazaar. A dangerous planet where violence can break out easily but if you play it right a illegitimate fourante can be made buying and selling goods or by picking up jobs offered by the planets various contacts.

Quadrants- Certain areas of space are split into quadrants on a numbered and occasionally alphabetic system. Control of quadrants is left to those powerful enough to exercise it and legitimate enough to be recognised for it. This control is control is mostly made up of governments and corporations sometimes combinations of the two.

Unregulated- Term used to describe planets and space that aren`t under any main authority or control. While some hold these areas as the last bastion of independence, they are mostly known as hotbeds for criminal and illegitimate activity. These areas are also known as drift space by some due to the large amount of their residents fitting the common perception of a drifter.

The Black Hawks-A paramilitary group, and security firm with a large reputation and friends in high places. Most governments and corruptions have dealings with them one ay or another making them a highly powerful organisation.

The white Falcons- Private intelligence, investigation, surveillance, and security firm. Not much is known about them other than their elusive nature and there exclusive client list.

The Dragon- A alleged intergalactic crime lord, believed to run a large and complex ring of smugglers and slavers. Most belive him to be a myth, set up to mask the real kingpins behind a legend.

Royaldale Intergalactic- A large and influential shipping and export company ran by a rather wealthy family.

Cargo Haulers-Large, ships designed to hold and transport large and heavy hauls of cargo. There carrying weight makes them slower than other ships There specialized designs makes up for their lower speed by allowing them to hold more raw weight and by allowing for specialised security functions to ward off pirates.

Argo world- Slang term for planets and colonies set up for mostly farming and agriculture production.

Utopian worlds- Large mega cities on high traffic planets that are portrayed as glamorous cities of wealth and splendor though there slums and underbellies are mostly ignored in these tellings of gold skies and roads of silver.
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