Some Sunday Morning Thoughts

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There used to be a television show where this anonymous individual thru ingenuity and effort found people will real needs and gave them a million dollars. I think that was the name of the show, The Millionaire. I wish there was such an individual, a real one, one that could and would do most of the things religious folk hope and pray an Almighty God would do for them.

The difference being, this billionaire with influence would actually get results. I wish there were such an individual. People look at the United States and see a rich nation. Too many don't share in that bounty. There are people hurting, mothers with sick kids, who can't work because they stay at home and take care of those kids, no money, no insurance, a little bit hopeless. People are out o work, can't find a job, making big problems even worse. There are many, many problems in this rich, rich country. There is much work such an individual could do.

Fortunately many of us don't fall into one of those categories. Our problems are minor. We can still beseech the Almighty, knowing of course he may be busy with his many galaxies, his infinite orbits, and those unruly black holes or something so complex and complicated we can not even imagine. Yet we can wait on the Lord, hoping for our miracles, as we think of Job, knowing if he don't get to us in this life, maybe there's another. Still If nothing else it offers a small ray of hope that might not exist if we didn't or couldn't call upon Him.

As I write this I know it is fantasy but I would like to work for this compassionate billionaire. I would like to find those that desperately need help and bring attention to their situation. I would like to argue on their behalf for small miracles that really work. I would like to help the many I hear about and the few I encounter. Then the world, day by day, would be a better place, And I would be content to be the skeptic that I am, a skeptic that prays.
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