Some thoughts based on Jean Cocteau’s — Opium.

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Call it reefer madness, seeking a changed state of consciousness, escaping the common place, feeding a gnawing physical addiction, running away from life or rebelling against the conventional the reasons for taking drugs in western society vary.
In the end, no person government or law can really prevent anyone using drugs if they decide that’s what they want to do and have the means to do it.
Maybe that's actually a good thing? People in general feel that what they put into their own bodies is their business, not that the effects of certain drugs aren’t dangerous and damaging. I’m not condoning drug abuse only that to absolutely forbid it is futile. People will do what they want to do.

The United States learned from "Prohibition” that you can’t legislate morality.
That’s probably why the so-called drug war can never be won.

In fact, it’s a very 20th century concept that illicit drug use is amoral, drug cultures are to be found in countries where plant life yields these substances. Different ritual ceremonies have always depended on hallucinogens
Jean Cocteau wrote regarding, his addiction “I. Therefore, became an opium addict, because the doctors who cure — one should really say, quite simply, who purge — do not think to cure the troubles which first caused the addiction; I had again preferred an artificial equilibrium to no equilibrium at all This moral disguise is more misleading than a disordered appearance: it is human, almost feminine to have recourse to it" (Jean Cocteau — Opium).

Every whore has a sad story. You can’t really equate drug abuse with having a difficult or unhappy life. Everyone has gone through difficulty sometimes horrific events at times and yet not everyone gets addicted to drugs.
And can you really equate something like alcohol, and cannabis use with synthesised drug abuse? Perceptually as far as moral turpitude is concerned there is a huge gap between alcohol, which is legal, and Methamphetamine.
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