Somebody, please, talk me out of this.

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I've been thinking much about trucks, of all the things.

Mind you, I don't mean those shiny Chevys or Toyotas. I don't understand using an industry-grade vehicle just to haul a single tukhes around.

No, I mean the ones that haul big trailers accross the country.

I've had the misfortune of reading that some companies are willing to train you, as long as you lease your immortal soul to them for one year.

Pros: no nauseating office environment (I suck at politics), no artificial smiles executed with acting so poor it wouldn't fool an eight-year-old. Maybe, enough times to scribble a short story here and there. Not to mention being free to think about whatever the heck I want. I sometimes entertain myself by solving math problems in my head while driving.

Cons: a huge pay cut.

Any other reasons not to do something that looks like it could make me a lot happier?
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