Somedays, I am jealous.

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My friend's can go out and do whatever they like, whenever they like and I have to stay at home. They can go out clubbing, they can spend all day out with their friends, they can go drinking, they can spend as long as they like at university, they can visit and stay with their boyfriend's whenever they desire,they can disappear, they can re appear, no consequence, no concern.

I'm sure there are 20 year old's out there who have to look after many children, who're far, far worse off than I am, I acknowledge that, but unfortunately it doesn't make it easier for me to accept that for the next year and a half, I have to be at home 6-7 days and nights a week because I have a house and a minor to take care of.

I guess I feel like a prisoner, and yeah, whatever, call me a whiny, unappreciative cow, but this is all making me tired, really tired. It's cool though, I'll have a cry and get over it, and start my week with the same predictable pattern as usual.

The end, let's all go home.
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