Something About Nothing 2.

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This week ive been focusing on a positive attitude. Thinking possitively really does get you more motivated. Ive actually been doing uni work instead of leaving it untill last minute and ive been thinking about what i could write! :)
ive decided im going to tweak past ideas and make them more into a story, I usually get my ideas from intresting dreams I have and change them to make them flow better. Dreams are such a fantastic thing to get ideas from because your unconscious mind just flows!

Im going to develo previous ideas Ive had in the past and create something with a little more depth to it!
Ive had a few ideas of what I can add to them but of course I have to concentrate on this uni work most importantly!
I never used to write plans for my work either but recently I have been, I guess it helps the flow a little but I do find myself changing the plan more than the actual story, I am hopeless at planning!

oh well, you can only improve the more you do something.
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