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Something about nothing.

Published by TheEndOfMrsY in the blog TheEndOfMrsY's blog. Views: 136

Basically, im going to babble on for a bit as to why ive decided to join this site despite not actually have written much in a good couple of years.

I'm hoping i can regain my love for writing as well as giving me something to do on those lazy days I find myself having more and more of. I seem to of gotten myself into a bit of a rut and have become goalless as to what i want to achieve in life.

My plans over the last year included:

work hard in uni - fail.
actually finish something im writing - fail.
become somewhat less of a pessimist - fail.

Ive come to the conclusion that I dont actually do much these days, my sense of achievement is limited to completing the current book im reading or listening to my boyfriends achievements which are definitely a lot more than mine.
Im hoping by getting back into writing i can give myself a bit of a boost and have something to be a bit more proud of. The things I enjoy writing mostly consist of horror and the weird, im not very girly and the vast majority of my writing rarely have a happy ending.

I would absolutely love feedback to anything I write, how can i improve without constructive criticism right?
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