Something I'd kill to be able to do again...

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From December 13th, 2003

Yup, Friday wasn't bad for a change. I've actually gotten to looking forward too Fridays now, mostly because of the chess club at the middle school.

Last week I'd lost a Yu-Gi-Oh duel against one of the seventh graders, (Mr. Flight lets us play it at around 2:45) and this week I owed him a soda. As we were walking down to the soda machines he told me that one of his aspirations was to work in a video game company.

I love it when the kids tell me their dreams because it's as if I've been given a chance to see what the future holds. I told him of some of the best colleges I know of that have computer graphics technology, but I also told him the best chance he'll have of getting into the business, is if he gets most of his computer education in high school. I also suggested he might take up Japanese, since some of the biggest gaming companies are Japanese based.

Whatever it is these kids want to do with their lives, I'm always honored to have a chance to encourage them. And even in the early teen years they do need encouragement, otherwise they begin to believe it's all for nothing.

Anywho, I'll tell everyone about the open mic reading a little later, since the librarian closes the computers in about ten minutes for her lunch hour.
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