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Something New

Published by Rebekkamaria in the blog Rebekkamaria's blog. Views: 75

I've always loved to get to know new people. This week will be extraordinary, though. I will be meeting my dear Polish friend for the first time. I'll also meet 24 Finnish girls from another site I visit frequently. And then, I'll meet one of Rhea's (my Polish friend) Finnish friends as well.

I know some of these people quite well, because I've followed their conversations quite a long while (two years actually), but some of them I know very little about.

It's scary and exciting at the same time. I feel small and humble somehow. I fear that I will say stupid things again... and because of Rhea, we all have to speak English in that 24-girls-meeting. And I know they will forget to do that. And I know Rhea will get tired at some point. And I know it's not going to be easy for me either.

I get easily tired around people. It has something to do with the way I feel, how much I feel. I love people very easily. It's easy for me to share the love inside me... but it also tires me.

Hopefully I have enough strength for Saturday. I won't be online much this week. I'm going to spend a lot of time just staring at Rhea. :-D I'll meet her for the first time in less than six hours. It's amazing.
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