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Something to think aobut

Published by EMSchell2009 in the blog EMSchell2009's blog. Views: 102

I am thinking of writing a Romance novel. I have this idea in my head that kind of brings in elements of my own life and adds some full on excitement. I like the romance genre. I am not stopping work on my fantasy by any means. I am simply going to run the outline on this idea and maybe knock this one out. I have the basic gist written in my head. I am not sure if it will write as easy as I think, but I think I have a better shot at getting it published sooner rather than later. Is it really that unusual for people to write in one genre while they perfect another? I have always found romance to be a simple write for me. What do you think? Does anyone think I am being silly? Thoughts? suggestions? Flying shoes? All are welcome.
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