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Sometimes rain is nice

Published by paperbackwriter in the blog paperbackwriter's blog. Views: 82

Im not one of those people who worship the sun. They gotta have it sunny, sunny, sunny. Because it makes them cheerful cheerful cheerful!
Ive been in floods too. Too much rain is bad as well. You can get sick of cloudy weather too.
But my city don't get much rain.
Today is the first rain we received for 3 months. Its gentle too. Drizzle. No storms and gale force winds to accompany.
On a day like this, I feel more content. I don't feel guilty for feeling reflective. I don't have to solve practical problems. I have an excuse to be dark. My dark mind blends in with the dark weather. Rain can feel like the soul is being gently massaged. "Its ok paper. You don't have to be so cheerful. Depressing is fine."
But when the sun comes out again, its like the mind starts racing "oh I gotta make the most of the day. gotta get outside and feel that sunshine."
I was born for bad weather. :)
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