Somewhere in America...

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"Merry Christmas," said Jane with a bright smile, passing Tom in the office hallway.

"Thanks, Jane. Happy holidays to you and yours," replied Tom with equal cheer.

Three steps later, Jane began to mull Tom's response. She had said "Merry Christmas", so why didn't Tom say the same thing back? Does he not like Christmas? Is there a problem with saying Merry Christmas? Jane glanced around, suddenly concerned. Is my religion a problem at the office now, she thought to herself. Am I not allowed to say Merry Christmas? Will I get fired? That's crazy. I shouldn't get fired for saying Merry Christmas. No one should. I can't believe they fire people here for saying Merry Christmas. My rights are are totally being taken from me. These people are crushing me. Jane started to cry in genuine fear for her job. She tapped on the office door of her friend, Peter.

"Come in," came the response from Peter's office.

"Peter, you won't believe what just happened to me in the hallway. There IS a war!"
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