*Song* A Reason

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First Verse

She thought she could get away
From the pain that haunted her everyday
She thought that the tears would dry
That it would end all the hurt inside
But what she didn't know...


There's a reason for every beating heart
A reason for everytime you fall
And the tears you have will subside
But you have to believe no asking why
So don't turn to that blade
and don't believe that its too late
To realize that there's more to you
Than everything that you've gone through
There's a reason
Always a reason

Second Verse

The knife feels so cold on your skin
Your more serious than you've ever been
As you sink into the dark
You wonder if this was all
To this nightmare you call life
Doesn't matter now its real this time

Repeat Chorus

Third Verse

You blink open your eyes
To see that your still alive
You don't understand why your still here
As you stand your eyes fill with tears
Finally you listen
Understand why your life wasn't taken.

Repeat Chorus
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