*Song* Dance in the Storm

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Dance in the Storm

Her tears are hidden in the rain

Her heart broken from the pain

She’s been living in the storm for so long

It seems that consequence has become her song


Every time her heart pounds

A roll of thunder sounds

What’s the point in seeking a dream?

When she's never been given anything

But with patience she will learn

How to dance in the storm

She secretly yearns for help.

But she can’t see the light from where she fell

All she needs is a reaching hand

Someone willing to help her understand

Repeat Chorus

There in the darkness she opened her eyes

She understood that everything had all been lies

Shards of light embraced her doubt

She saw those forgotten dreams, and she climbed out

Every time her heart pounds

A cry of joy sounds

Now she’s living her dream

Finding it so easy to finally believe

And if the rain started to pour

She will simply dance in the storm.
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