Stale popcorn is not stale at all

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It's chewy :D And unlike chips, or bread, it retains its flavor. It's wonderful.

I've recently rediscovered popcorn after a three year dry spell of it. I blame my husband for the last two years though. He hates popcorn, and therefore I never had the idea to buy it.
What changed?
A good friend, and close neighbor was eating it one day, and my 17 month old son walked up and asked for a piece. Turns out he takes after me in the food variety department- he loves it! So I finally broke down and bought a box of eight popcorn packets.
I've noticed I'm the one eating it more often than my son, and even the bags I send him to daycare with don't get eaten often.
If it weren't for my current, and very strict, diet, I would splurge on sour cream, ranch salad dressing, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese too. All things my husband doesn't like to eat, let alone see in our refridgerator.
Hmm... October 3rd can't come fast enough :rolleyes:
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