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Stan Lee Ran Away with a Beautiful Woman from Hanoi

Published by Foxxx in the blog Foxxx's blog. Views: 56

It isn't a conspiracy. I saw it with my own two eyes. Or actually one eye, since I'm blind in one eye.

Stan Lee came into our establishment today (I wasn't working, but in the cafe reading) and he sat down with a beautiful woman from Hanoi, having ordered himself a coffee and an overpriced fruity drink for her.

It's on the tip of my tongue... whatever you call it when you get a beautiful lady from another country, bring them back state-side and marry them. Mail-order bride? I have to give it to Mr. Lee! She's probably 30 years my senior, but she's a real catch. Make-up makes a huge difference I'm sure, but seriously though. I'm jealous. And he didn't go for some ~25 year old parasitic ditz from Histrionic, California.

I wonder if the sudden coming of a storm outside reminded her of home. Don't they have a monsoon season in Vietnam?

He must take good care of her. Classy watch, lovely blue dress with a simple white floral pattern, the hem reaching just below the knees. Earrings and rings and bracelets, gold and silver. What a catch.

His car alarm kept going off which was rather amusing. Finally he had enough sense to put his keys in his shirt pocket. And it was cute watching them try to communicate with one another in the broken versions of each other's language.

"When the rain stops, we go."

A quizzical look.

"When the rain stops. We will go."

Flashes of understanding preceded by minutes of patience, chuckles, cute and embarrassed laughs.

I hope he treats her well, and I hope she treats him well.

Is that how I'm going to end up? With a girl from Japan? Ah, who am I kidding. I don't deserve love; I'm not cut out for it. But one can put their hope in others, if they have no more left for themselves. It's reassuring that there are women out there who are incredible looking post-half-a-century. Don't let yourself go, ladies and gentlemen, and you might be a cute old couple.
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