Standard Caveat

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Unless I stipulate otherwise, anything I post is just my opinion. Say it with me now: /əˈpinyən/. Writing is a creative endeavor; thus, most of the conversations in which we engage in this forum are made of opinions.

Opinions are not facts.

You believe in an opinion.

You know a fact.

Don't get it twisted.

If you disagree with my opinion, that's perfectly fine. When I don't come back as though I've accepted some kind of "two men enter, one man leaves" Thunderdome Epic Battle to the Death Because It's 2018 Muthafuqa! arrangement, try not to be too disappointed. Unless we're married, boning, or you gave birth to me, I don't care enough about your opinion to get all glassy-eyed, hovering over the keyboard, waiting for your next post so I can pounce and post something epic at you. The me who would have engaged you in that kind of tragic stupidity is many years in the past.
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