Star-Date 09/04/11 Captains Log....

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Still no response from the Valient...her destruction by possible Klingon forces may provoke new hostilities between them and the Federation, also my tea has gone cold which i'm more upset about but i'm not getting up....

Haha that would be a good start to star treck! :p

Week of drifting from one thing to another so this weekend i'm going to focus on things and by the turn of next week i'll be more focussed and such....

Or i'll just have writters block and be very annoyed/fustrated haha :rolleyes:

anyone wana work together? joint project? will give me something to do/aim for otherwise i'll spend today planning 300 storis and tomorrow writing 300 beginings :p

or you write one chapter i write the next we see where it goes :) if no one replies i'll be very upset and tip over my bin! in rebellion :D
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