STAR TREK. (Don't worry, no spoilers)

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That was an amazing film.

I'll say again:

[size=+4]THAT WAS AN AMAZING FILM.[/size]

Sorry to shout but that didn't do it justice. Anyway, it deserved every single bit of the hype. Seriously.

Plot: EPIC. There are so many twists and turns, plus, there is one, absolutely massive event that comes, completely out of nowhere. I will not tell you but be expecting a surprise.

Dialogue: AMAZING. The writers should get bloody medals of honour! Especially the dialogue between Spock and Kirk.

Characters: INCREDIBLE. Whoever did the casting has managed to get people who, not only look like the originals, but sound and act like them (if a little modernised). For instance, Kirk has exactly the same attitude as the original. Witty, brave, ladykilling, (handsome), but without Bill Shatner's slightly stiff acting. Another character whose portrayer is bang on? ALL OF THEM.

CGI: Obviously, a big selling point for any sci-fi film, is completely awe-inspiring. The sheer size and scale and detail of the external shots is just brilliant! The opening shot of the film
A close up of the USS. KELVIN's hull rushing past
was enough to cause me to make an audiable "WOW" sound. And that's about ten percent the "WOW" nees of the rest of the film.

Humour: LOT'S OF. However, it does not get in the way, in fact it actually made the film more enjoyable. Scotty is absolutley hilarious.

Action: I cannot completely describe this without swearing but I'll do my best. Remember in the old Star Trek, whenever Kirk fought someone it would be: punch, stumble, punch, stumble, close up, stumble, punch? It's not like that. Think the fight scenes from the greatest non-kung-fu fighting films mad, add Phasers and James T. Kirk, and watch.

Can a non-trekkie sit down and watch it?: YES. The story is so, so, readable (but still complex) that anyone could watch this film and still understand it. But, this brings me onto the biggie.

Is it still Star Trek?

Yes. Hell yes. This film is still Star Trek in every sense. I cannot think of one little part of my Trekkie heart that was not completely satisfied with that film. It's so true to the original that whenever I heard something familiar, a little part of me went "F*** yeah!" And it's not like they're just quoting to make it look more Trek-y, it actually feels right! Get this:
Scotty actually yells "SHE CANNAE TAKE IT, CAPTAIN!" And it's not cheesy at all!
Even the Enterprise (NCC-1701) is so, amazingly, close to original that it was almost scary. This film is 100% pure, Trekkie-loving, good ol' homegrown,
[size=+4]STAR TREK[/size]

LIterally, the only thing I was not fond of in the entire film was the amount of lens flare there is. At time's it's confusing.

That's it. The only bad point, IMO.

*pretentious voice*
As a student of film, I can say that this film ticks all of my many boxes. The only film greater than this? The Dark Knight. And it's a photo-finish.

Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating, I'm not.

But hey, make your own judgements.

If you dare!

I'm pretty (infact VERY) sure that a certain Mr. Dent (No relation to Arthur) will have something to say about all of this, and I do not stop him. In fact, I welcome him because it shows he has free will.

No matter how wrong he is. :D

[size=-7]Oh, and me and Leah shared a slight moment that was probably only my imagination but it was fun seeing her and we chatted loads and I'm gonna see her again the first chance I get but I'm not going to go crazy at this point because that would be stupid and likely scare her off which I really don't want to happen because I like her as a friend also, so don't worry I'm not going to make a fool out of myself I was just letting you all know.[/size]
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