Staring at the clouds

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Oh dear, I moved my desk around to make room for my drum kit, and have now found myself with a perfect view for staring at the clouds all day as they go past. It's not going to be very good for my productivity... Cloud-watching is one of my favourite activities. :p I wrote about clouds a lot once upon a time. Maybe I should again... this view certainly would help.

It's not like I'm easily distracted when I'm writing, but I do like looking up to think, and it's easier when there is just a blank wall in front of you - or even a curtain pattern that you have grown quite used to looking at - than when you have this amazing, deep vista of clouds that change their style every few minutes into something new. I'm terrible for staring at ambient video footage or visualisations for media players... Stuff that moves around and looks pretty, but actually means nothing. :p

It's raining out east of here, but where I am it's sunny... A big wall of clouds stand between me and the sun, so the sky is shaded enough to look at, though mostly blue where I am. It's actually gorgeous. :D

Anyway. Must get back to my NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll put in some cloud description for some extra word count. :D
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