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Starship Operators

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 139

I managed to get that review up late last night so it's in my blog now. Let me take a second to explain the menu so it's easy to navigate.
ABOUT: holds links to last 4-5 posts, a calender and the archives.
THOUGHTS ON WRITING: this has one sub category "Dr. Who" (where Who news goes) otherwise it's all writing thoughts
RAMBLING ON SPACE AND TIME: Where I post interesting entries from Science daily. It's split into the general overall category, then I have 'Space Photos' and 'Various Science' at sub cats. The Various will include hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and earthquake information.
THOUGHTS AND RAMBLINGS: Comments on life and 1. Anime 2. Thoughts on Science Fiction Movies
WRITING: this is split into two parts 1. Talia novel snippets (from first or second) or 2. Non Talia writing.
PHOTOGRAPHY: where I have my pictures at.

With that said, today's posts are:

Hubble pics
Talia snippet
Thoughts on events in Virginia
Thoughts on novel openings
Comments on series writing
Opinion on Anne McCaffrey's 'The Crystal Singer' novel.

It's a total of 8 posts today.
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