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Published by Adenosine Triphosphate in the blog Adenosine's Notebook. Views: 63

I'm three weeks into my junior year of high school. My insomnia issues are largely resolved, my social anxiety is almost gone, my stamina is above average, and my alertness levels are finally improving.

The people I feared and hated in middle school have no sway over me. The transition into high school freed me from their grasp.

My screen name represents the calmness of sleep that adenosine induces, the energy provided by drugs that inhibit it, and the energy-storing molecule it is a part of. My old name was given to me by my parents. This one is my own. In real life, I use it to put on a suit of emotional armor and productivity. My more fragile qualities are still a part of me, but they no longer dominate my life.

I have two more years of free education. Those years are full of potential. All I have to do is use it.

— Adenosine
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