Starting an Untitled Novel

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Hello there, welcome to this blog. I will be using it as a place to jot down some of my ideas (should be fun to see the novel gather speed)

Now im new to the whole novel writing, I have written short storys for competitions in my past (oh what fun year eight was) but havent done much since then. However i have an over active imagination and i need something to funnel it into.

My novel that im starting is going to be a sort of low fantasy themed story. I promise you it will not contain any uber characters or sparkly vampires :D

Im going for a very dark of theme in a distopian setting. Corruption and Hypocricy all around.
I would have called it dark fantasy but this wont be a horror.

I get tired of all the elves and super magic you usualy see in fantasy. Well, that and the over used 'MC is the savior of the world and can defeat anything' sort of plot. I hope i can make this one interesting and I definatley hope I can finish it.
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