Starting out is NOT FUN! :X

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Aaaaaarh, I don't know what else to write after this...

“No...No Mark, please don’t hurt me…” I sobbed, dragging my bleeding body across the linoleum. His expression wasn’t changing.

“Well Marie, if you didn’t want me to hurt you, then you should have given me what I wanted. What I deserve.” He _________, an awful sound compared to the deep, caring voice I had gotten so used to. I whimpered and backed myself up against the wall. My bloody back stained the pristine white wall red.

“Mark….MARK!” I screamed in terror as he raised the bat over his head. It swung down--

Then I woke up. I was covered in sweat, and breathing heavy. Sitting up, I looked around quickly. My alarm clock told me it was 5:43 AM. I was in my own bed, in my own room, safe. Safe. The word reverberated through my head softly, putting my fears to rest. I ran my hands over my arms, feeling the goose bumps that had risen, and tried to shake the feeling of being watched. Pulling my knees to my chest, I realized it was almost time for me to get up.
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