Starts and Stops

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I have been writing this story in chunks. I read somewhere that Hemmingway would try to write one good page per day. I have not been keeping up a pace anywhere near that. There have been days where I was inspired to churn out 7 or 8 pages, and then weeks of nothing. I do not blame this on writer's block, but rather on an unpredictable variability in motivation. Even when I am not writing, I am thinking about the story. I have a long commute home, so I think a lot during that ride.

So what other problems have I had? Plot issues, as I imagine every author goes though - is there really anything to this story? Who really cares about what I have to say? For better or worse, I also have no real outline of the story; I have a general idea where I am going, but that is about the extent of it. I have gotten better about this lately. I must confess however that I have not yet decided how the story is going to end.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read these posts. Please feel free to say hi. :)
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