Stereo Dreams

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Loop the hook and turn down the base.
Never remove the head phones. Never leave this place.

Caught lost between incoherent lyrics and an instrumental
Is a safe haven and heaven that I’ve been sent two

Emotions strong, imagination clear as I violently smash problems thrown in beers
A triumph’s folly when I realize none of it is really here.

The images were. These feeling are. They’re really fervent in my soul.
These dreams feel like life. A life that I cannot hold

Stay in bed, close your eyes; wisp away to that reality
But what is life? What is a red apple without a man or tree?

Turn off the lights. This has become a nightmare
Close my eyes and everything I wanted is right there.

Losing my mind, but somehow restored to freedom.
Why even get to know self if I really don’t have to be him?

Hold me back as lust and love ever so intricately conflict
Send me forward I’m far from the forgotten boy and quiet kid

Found along this road along this path no one, but the dreamer may see.
Within these walls and in this mirror the person I dare not be

Cut off the lights. Kill the sound. Call it right or call it wrong.
The show... will... go on.

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