Still not sold on that idea

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I still believe that my severe writer's block isn't purely circumstantial. I'm trying to get off an antidepressant and it's been a nightmare to get off of. The point is I think it could be at least partially physiological. I have difficulty concentrating, often repeat myself up to three times, have to ask people to repeat things to me multiple times, and forget all sorts of things unless I write it down.

Plus the fact that I was much more productive with my writing before I got on an antidepressant. Another reason I doubt it's because of stress is because I am generally most active in writing when stressed. (in the past before the anti depressant)

I've had difficulty finding out if others have experienced similar issues. I do know though that the withdrawal is NOT normal. That I was getting off of it the wrong way.

Art and writing are very integral to my being. It's incredibly frustrating to always have thoughts and ideas just out of reach or lost in the fog. I don't feel like myself lately.

I can't wait to get out of the fog and back to my creative self. I know I'll get there eventually but it feels like forever. I'm ready to totally put this behind me.
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