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People who go to watch movies at cinema or home are not the same, they're two different groups. One just watch movie because it's fun, and I have nothing to say to this group. To others watching movies is an artisitic experience that may hurt them and leave scars in their souls, but it gives them insight to truth and gives a satisfaction beyond what others feel... They feel satisfied because they know those movies make him/her a better person. I'm one of those watchers, and if you want to join us, I have seven simle rules for you to creat the potentiel in yourself to become a hard-core wathcer.

I hate to say such an obvious fact, but this is something that most people don't know. When you're going to watch a movie the most important factor is director. Forget about your favourite actors and actrecesses! Forget about companies! Only director is important. I want you to base your movie watching on the list of your idol directors. For examle, great living directors of Hollywood are Scorsese, Tarantino, Coppolla, Van Sant, Polansky, De Palma, lFincher, Inaritu, etc, and you should be dying to watch their next movie, not Brad Pitt's next movie.

If you buy a movie based on its actor it's like buying a book based on its character's name, and not even knowing the name of the author.

Know something about philosophy! A great director is also a great philosopher. As you can't know anything about works of Beckett unless you know a LOT about Existensialism, you must know about philosophies to know about directors, for example, you must know about Freud's theories to understand Hitchckock, and know about both Freud and Surrealism to understand Bunuel.

Know about litreture! First comes Kafka, then comes Kubrick! Cinema has its roots in litreture, so, knowing what tradition directors are following, knowing what they say is easier!

Try to progress reasonably. If you begin your serious watching with Bunuel or Lynch they'll crush you under their weigh. Begin with lighter movies, like works of De Palma, or with heavy movies with entertaining aspects, like Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

Forget about some stupid words used by entertainers: Genre, extreme violence, extreme sex, erotisism, they're all bullocks! When you go further in your odyssey, you'll see uselessness of these words. DON'T TAG THE MOVIES! Let critics play their games, you take movies serious!

Don't try to understand everything. These movies are masterpeices because they won't be understoood completeley. SPECIALY, useless type of info. We'll never know what's in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction, and we'll never know what that chinese guy showed to whores in Bell De Jour, and we'll never understand full story of Mullhund Drive, guess why, because THAT's the point.

And finaly, don't forget movies are about telling stories, and giving you joy. We just look for superior joy, not no joy at all. So don't fall in the traps of Film Festivals and post-modern Charlatans who try to force their gibberish to you as avant-guard.

That's all!
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