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Stop With the Sex Hypocrisy

Published by Oscar Leigh in the blog Oscar Leigh's blog. Views: 274

So, has anyone else noticed, there's gotta be a bunch, that gay sexuality is given a different standard? The standard for gay people, especially the gay gays, being overly-flirtatious seems to be lower. You can get away with more sexual expression when you're straight. It's so bullshit to call it "shoving your sexuality in people's faces" when all you did was say a few guys were hot. Ever wonder where the stereotype of very sexual gays came from? One reason is people compensating for their time being closeted, but another reason is other people calling them that because of double standards. I myself am very open with my identity, but I don't go around going "dicks, dicks, dicks." (I might be thinking about one of my m/m couples in my stories though :p)
Another thing that's even clearer, gay sex scenes. The amount of explicitness in gay sex scenes, again the guys especially (stupid lesbian fetishism), is reduced from het scenes usually. Game of Thrones for example, has Renly and Loras, who we never get to see more than shirtless and kissing. There's even a trope name for this pandering; http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ButNotTooGay. It's very unfair to expect us to sit through your sex scenes, but our ones, ewwww. That's a double standard and you know it. You also know some of you are doing it because you're actually turned on but too insecure to admit perhaps even to yourself that dicks give you a bigger erection than boobs. (You know who you are you closeted fucks :supermad:)
Urgh, thank you for your time. Hope you have a good day. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
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