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Stormy Bananas

Published by dave76 in the blog dave76's blog. Views: 146

Violas screech and the tamponade lemonade pomade asps
Bingo and backgammon and futility creeping up on you
The (ogogogogogogogog) monsieurs wail in dischord
English is a scratchy handkerchief, unwashed

The above poem has received first prize in the inaugural "Our Lady of Tangible Nausea" Sunday fete, and is now sweeping the world with its feathery broom of consonants and cheap yellow plastic dustbin of empty promises. The auteur, a Mr Hnr Drrs, expounds thus:
"When I rit this I was trying not to seem too elegant; I didn't want to alienate the aliens what keep their glittering antennae focussed on my quivering encephalus, attuned to each neuronal spasm, believe so. And you should, if you were also, so tonight I'm welcoming STORMY BANANAS


Where is my mind
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