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Structure to writing

Published by James matheson in the blog James matheson's blog. Views: 155

Hi there so i realised there is a structure to writing. Every book follows a pattern but no one has defined what that pattern is.
Here is an example
takes 100 sections that have a meaning and an purpose at the end

Here is an example:

Each example needs between 100-500 words for each setting to be a book

1)Who are they

2)How did they get there

3)Where are they going

4)Who are they meeting

5)What do the things they are meeting do

6)How long will it take for them to get there

7)How long will.it take for the things they are meeting to get done what they have to do

8)How old are they

9) what brought them.there

10) who were their ancestors

11) why did their ancestors leave them

12) how do they dress

13) how do they dress different than their ancestors

14) what are their customs

15) how are their customs different than the people they mer

16) what technology do they have

17) how ia their technology different than the people's they met

18)what animals do they have

19) how are they different than the ones the other group has

20)what diseases did they bring

21)what other colonies do they represent

22) how are they different than the peoples they met

As you can see I only made it to 22,

it needs another 78 sections for it to be long enough to be a book

The point is when 100 to 500 words are added to each setting that the person can just paste each section together and have a book.

What would be interesting about this writing structure too would be if the person could write at any section from the end to the beginning or anywhere and still make a sensible book at the end

This is one example. There is different structure to each book.

Im hoping someone will take the time with me to test different captions to write a book as mentioned.

All books are structured but as of yet no one has defined what that structure is.

I hope that we will

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