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Published by J.D. Ray in the blog J.D. Ray's blog. Views: 81

I've got characters, a setting, a story... some of you have seen at least the initial bits, maybe 5K of the ~42K words. I'm down to needing to write two scenes to wrap up Part One of my novel, which I'm considering publishing as a novella. It's complete in itself, and has a "what happens next?" ending; a clear lead-in to a sequel.

But here I am, stuck. Marko, depressed over the state of affairs and some events that occurred which were completely preventable if he'd been able to use his "special knowledge" to prevent them, has lost weight, is on the verge of alcoholism, and is retreating into himself. Celeste sees it, but doesn't know what to do. She's trying to put on a brave face, but is ready to confront him and try to pull him out of his pit of despair.

I'm struggling to write the scene, and I don't know why. I have experience here. I didn't allow myself to fall into drinking, but when the restaurant we owned was in the throes of death, I lost forty pounds (about twenty percent of my body weight), and was down to about a meal and a half per day and a few hours of sleep per night. My wife saw it, tried to do what she could, but the critical problems were outside of her control and we both knew it. My memory of what changed to bring me out of it is cloudy, and maybe that's blocking me from being able to get into writing this scene. Maybe, subconsciously, I'm reticent to open the box that has the solution in it.

Probably the best thing I can do is to stop thinking about it, to focus on things I can produce and wait for some inspiration to strike. Tough to do when the ending of this project is in sight.

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