Stupid People

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stupid people. they are everywhere. you can tell them apart from the normal ones by the stupid questions they ask, the stupid looks on their face, or even the stupid clothes they wear. Some of them even have stupid voices that ring in your ears when they speak. They open their mouths and everyone dives for cover. Its like... dude, do you know how stupid you sound? And they say no, and look at you all confused. Honestly?
All we normal people can do is shake our heads is dismay. There’s no point in trying to explain that to someone who clearly isn’t smart enough to understand.
Why are these people like this you may ask, well its clearly because they were never taught how to grow up. Either that, or they just didn’t pay attention to that lecture. It could even be because they had stupid parents. Who knows. The only thing that is for certain is that they have a long way to go.
On the other hand though, these types of people can be entertaining. I mean, what kind of life would it be without these people’s actions that make you wonder. You have to laugh at them, because we all laugh at stupid things. And these people also make us feel better about ourselves. When it comes down to it, at the end of a day where we’re dragging along, struggling, its nice to be able to say to ourselves, “hey, at least i’m not that idiot.”
So here’s to stupid people. May you continue to humor us, and maybe one day if your lucky, you’ll finally grow up and lose your stupidity. And if you don’t turn out to be so lucky, we’ll then, our hearts go out to you.
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