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Suicide (YA short story, gore)

Published by AmyWriter in the blog AmyWriter's blog. Views: 259

"A man who faked death but soon found his death to be quite true."

Don't die, Ramone... Cozak thought. Please don't die now... Cozak and Ramone had grown up together in Paris as best friends. Now, Ramone was deathly sick and would surely die if they did not keep him awake until Dr. Paulette received the correct medicines for Ramone. Short sightedly, Cozak convinced himself that a gun shot would keep Ramone awake. Cozak took out the blank gun he had used earlier to start the dog races. He shot himself in the head with the gun. He acted like he had suicided and fell to the floor. Then, John, who had entered his dog, Jack, in the races earlier, realized that Cozak was not bleeding. He had faked suicide! All of Cozak's friends and family who had come to see their dear friend Ramone on his death bed suddenly started to turn on Cozak. They cursed him and said he only did it to take attention away from Ramone, who was luckily kept awake long enough for Dr. Paulette to return with the medicine. They all chased Cozak to the docks. They hurled insult after insult at Cozak. "I loved you, Cozak..." Colette, Cozak's wife, whispered to him. Cozak took out a real gun and shot himself.

Cozak Cramont 1840-1895

"A man who faked death but soon found his death to be quite true."
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