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Published by burned_out in the blog burned_out's blog. Views: 106

So sorry I haven't been on in like forever...but I've been a bit busy. Things around here get chaotic when two little boys under age six get out of school & cause mayhem at home instead of their regular place of learning.

& lucky me, I'm the one who gets to deal with it!

Thankfully, Monday, I will be setting off to Ohio to stay with my grandparents for half the summer, maybe a little more. I'm seriously looking forward to this. It gives me a little spending money, depending on how long I stay, & I get to see free movies, due to his wife working in the biggest movie theater in Toledo.

Maybe my writers block will have capped off by the time I get home. I haven't written anything in weeks & my head is starting to get crowded again. I don't know, maybe I should just write complete nonsense, like this blog, hah.

I finally have a facebook!


I'm quite proud of myself, because I plan on actually keeping this one. Before, I really wasn't one for the whole "apps, apps & more apps!" sort of approach, but once I got my iTouch, I changed that opinion.
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