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Published by Eoz Eanj in the blog Eoz Eanj's blog. Views: 131

Written for Cameron.

You are bright, like sunshine,

they said you were behind the storm,

amassing outside my window pane;

I couldn’t see until I saw you.

They said it would be cold in July,

until I could accept what I am

in mirrors and pools of water;

I was cold in winter before I met you.

The promises made in books,

by those women with their euphoric wine,

who said I were to meet a prince

with kind eyes and soft hands;

They were just promises until I was with you.

When I was alone, I encaged myself ,

because I was in two, and time, they said,

were to fix me, with its hours and days,

I did not realize, they meant before I knew you;

I was broken until you held me together.
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