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Swapping out...

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 147

Note # 142

"Here I go again..."

I nearly dropped the thing this time, I guess the moment is here, the feeling so pure. I can hear the cars and airlines coming and going in the distance, makes me feel so, so far away. Can you imagine? being here and not here at the same time. Reminds me 'Do need More of This' for the fact that it's much more interesting than the usual.

"wow, if I touch something, it feels as if I somehow connect to it, for the moment it becomes part of me..."

Eating a chocolate as in ' A all in one Bar ' thus having, chocolate, fruits, some kind of squishy jelly things, some stuff that's similar to rice krispies and most importantly a layer of caramel. In all means it's fucking divine, I mean it's like they say, Having an orgy of flavours in my mouth. It's amazing! Next I'll have a go at some flavoured milk...

"People tend to get them self so locked up in a mental world, where at the point they crack they totally shatter into pieces..."

I think everyone should at least once, go on the train so that Marry Jane could show you the way, in means obviously with the right mindset. What's life about anyway? As far as I'm concerned, you are supposed to enjoy it and make the best of it. Best bud used to say to me; "Man! What's the worst that can happen?" In my mind I came to conclusion that the worst that can happen, is either nothing, or death or utter blissfulness... "Pick your pick, it's all in the mind..."

"Time to play and time to work. What you pick, you pick. Only know that once the choice is made there's no going back until the one is done."

In a safe and controlled environment, usually filled with dullness and haze, a colourless space with no emotion. I feel relieved, all the shit taken from my shoulders. Now to be clear and to state that this feeling should not be mistaken for a 'run away' place or mindset. It's merely just a moment for actually feeling free, unchained... People shouldn't get confused when some abuse and some use for reason.

"And remember taking the train every now and then makes life a little bit more interesting."

A mind set, everything is in the mind, some have it strong some don't, feel sad for them that don't I guess... And some days I don't, in those day's I actually envy them, for the fact that they seem to have control over things much more easy than the one's like me. Always ending up with a thought, "Now?? Who's the crazy one's then??" maybe neither. "Over thinking things again??"

I guess it's all in your reality and what you make of it, "Going to stop right there.... Before I go into a mental loop again... Go back to the milk..."

Listening to into-the-wild by M&M I don't know about the rest, but I listen to this kinda music a lot more nowadays, I moved away from the stuff I used to listen to, although I still listen to the other stuff but I find this a lot more chilled. People should try it, it's truly amazing and very mental for me. It's different and most people I showed it to says it makes them either tired or they end up being bored. Don't know why, I call them the narrow minded zombie nation. "Let your mind flow, be up for something new, skip the same routine."

Time warping, and with it the whole projected world around me, colours flowing and melting. Static outlines for each object, within my view... My world became alive just now... I think it's been 30mins already... "Where to next..."

"Some parts remind me about the film - Into the wild - obviously that's what its about I guess."
Can you imagine, leaving everything as it is, and just set upon a journey to where ever your mind takes you. - not so easy eh.

"For all the amazing effects one could experience, I'd say do things by your own choice, we ain't animals, although Yes we tend to go on like them..."

"Going on for awhile I only came to the last note, If I stop what will change and If I go on what will change then? In a way and another way they both seem to have the same ending, almost similar to life and death..."

to be continued...
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