Swedens election day

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Today was election day in Sweden and hence an interesting day.

This blog post wont be about politics but rather awesome things noted about people behaviour today. Since people usually is a bit curious how government is run in different part of the world I will include a short briefing on the Swedish election process.

We elect people to three levels of government (municipal, regional and national). Often people vote for different parties on the different levels at the government. There is seven parties in the Riksdag, and a eight one, extremely right wing islmo-phobic, anti-HBTQ, anti-feministic and racist party will probably elected in today, sadly enough. A minimum 4% of the votes is demanded to be represented.
The right side alliance of four parties will probably form a minority government body, continuing to reign for a second term. This since boot the main alternative combination to form the government was a few percent short of get a majority of their own this election. The right side alliance will probably get around 48% and the Green Party might move in to support them, rather then let the new righting extremist party get the power of balance.

But. That's not what this post is about.
It's about walking.

My mum remarked at a couple crossing the street hand in hand
“Oh. Look. They must been heading out to vote, just look at their stride.” And she was right. They moved with a s certain determination, a certain pride and a certain sense of duty.

Looking closely at people you could clearly see the difference not just on the people on other errands and those about to vote, but the people who already voted. Somehow the determination, had change to some sort of fulfillment about them, a finality, a weight of their shoulders.

It was awesome to see. Next time you country have an election day, take a moment to study people walk that day. How democracy somehow becomes embodied in how people move. Stunning.
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