Swords of Vengeance RP

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Swords of Vengeance RP
Part I: The Shadow of Shogun

An RP based partly on historical Nanboku-Cho Era, or South and North Courts Era, Japan (featuring actual places) and partly on Japanese mythology (featuring demons and certain types of magic). The story will be moved along by a series of missions that will be assigned according to your individual character. Please follow all rules set down by the GM for his word is FINAL.

Mission assignments will be posted in blue.
Character deaths will be in red.

--The word of the GM is final; do not dispute it.
--Be kind and courteous to other players.
--If you do not like a character in the game, leave it in the game, don't take it out on the player.
--Please choose realistic names. No one in feudal japan was named Tony.
--Have fun! It is a game after all...

It is Nanboku-Cho era Japan. The year is 1390.
People to Know
Southern Court Emperor Go-Kameyama—The young lord of the souther provinces. He is a kind and generous man, well loved by his subjects. Yet, his gentle nature forces him to give in to the whims of the Northern Court, a fact that many of his subjects have become put out with.

Norther Court Emperor Go-En'yu—The pretender to the Chrysanthemum throne. En'yu is an old and sick man, his heart still thirsts for power. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Hanzo Hattori—Leader of the Koga clan Ninja. A fierce warrior who is a master of remaining unseen if he wishes it so. He weilds a claw on each hand, both engraved with golden dragons.

Takamaru—Leader of the Momochi clan Ninja. Thought small, he is quick. Barely a man, he is only eighteen years of age and already more adept with the fangs than men twice his age. His carefree attitude belies a dark side that comes out. His fangs are emblazoned with images of fighting wolves.

Rikimaru—Leader of the Goda clan Ninja. He is a giant of a man. While slower than most, he more than makes up for it in raw strength. Despite the worst situations, Rikimaru never loses his composure.

Jubei Yagyu—Leader of the Yagyu clan ninja. Jubei is an unparalelled swordsman. His family was once the sword trainer of the emperor himself. Jubei wears an eye-patch with the image of a demon's eye drawn on it. Some say it lets him see into a person's soul.

Onmyogi-- An old man who seems to have lost his mind as well as his teeth. He has a passion for young ladies. Do not let his vices fool you though, he is a master when it comes to poison and a shrewd tactician.

Lord Hotta—Leader of the Kishu clan Ninja. Hotta is a very rich and well respected man, despite his ties with the ninja clan. He wields a spear in place of a bow staff. The man is very prideful. He keeps a pet dog that is trained to hold a wakizashi it its mouth and dive at foes.

Sandayu Momochi—Leader of the Negoro clan Ninja. She is the only female clan leader. The twin sister of Takamaru, she is quiet and composed. Her daggers are the counterparts to Takamaru's fangs.

Oman—A priest who is an expert swordsman. He works for the Southern Empire, but many do not trust him.

Shigimaru—A master less samurai whose services are open to the highest bidder. He kills without remorse.

Ninja Clans
-Negoro Clan—Specialize in archery and dagger fighting. Their color is blue. 3 Ninja Magics not exceeding Level 2.
-Goda Clan—Specialize in katana and thrown weapon fighting. Their color is red. 3 Not exceeding level 2.
-Momochi Clan—Specialize in fangs and hand to hand combat. Their color is gray. 4 not exceeding level 1.
-Iga Clan—Specialize in dual wakizashi and poison. Their color is dark green. 2 Not exceeding level 3.
-Yagyu Clan--Specialize in Daikatana and Grappling Hook use. Their color is black. 4 Not exceeding
level 1.
-Koga Clan—Specialize in Claw fighting and Ninja Majic. Their color is purple.3 Not exceeding level 5.
-Kishu Clan--Specialize in Bokada(staff fighting) and animal friendship. Their color is white. 3 not exceeding level 4.


Character Sheet:
Clan(ninja only):
School(samurai only):
Master(samurai only; Ako or Iba):
Majic(Ninja only):

Schools (samurai only)

Iaido-- Iado is a sword style associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. While new students of iaidō may start learning with a wooden sword depending on the teaching style of a particular instructor, many of those who study iaidō use an unsharpened sword. Advanced practitioners of iaidō use a sharpened metal sword.
Because iaidō teaches the use of actual metal weaponry, it is almost entirely based on the teaching of forms, or kata. Multiple person kata do exist within some forms of iaido, but the iaidōka (practitioners of iaidō) will usually use bokken for such kata practice. Iaidō does not include direct competition or sparring of any kind. Because of this non-competitve aspect, and iaidō's emphasis on precise, controlled, fluid motion, it is sometimes referred to as "moving Zen.” Followers of this school seem to posses the uncanny ability to remain calm in any situation. More often than not, a fight will end with one strike.

Jodo-- meaning "the way of the “jo” or jojutsu, is a style using short staffs called jō. The art is similar to Bojutsu, and is strongly focused upon defense against the sword. The Jo is a short staff, usually about 3 to 5 feet long, about the average length of a walking stick. However, the art was not used, as one might fancifully imagine, by travelers to ward off aggressive bandits or swordsmen. The martial art of Jodo was the province of professional warriors. Followers of this school are skilled at fighting multiple sword wielding opponents.

Kenjutsu-- Kenjutsu is the style that specializes in use of the katana. Though similar to Iaido, Kenjutsu is more focused on actual combat. Followers of this school are expert at wielding the Katana and have even been know to wield two at a time effectively.

Kyujutsu-- Literally meaning “way of the bow”.
Kyujutsu is not limited by age, sex, or physical condition. Almost anyone can take it up and learn if the are dedicated enough. Though anyone can learn, it may take a lifetime to perfect. Followers of this school possess unrivaled skill with the bow.

Naginatajutsu-- The art of wielding the Naginata, a rod with a long curved blade attached to the end. Followers of this school are skilled at fighting many opponents who may use a variety of weapons, but can be severely limited by enclosed spaces. The follower of this school can also take out horses.

Kusarigamajutsu-- The art of fighting with the Kama, a pair of small scythe-like objects usually linked by a chain. The follower of this school is almost unrivaled in speed. The chain binding the Kama can be used to disarm an opponent or strike at a greater range.

Ninja Magic
Ninja Magic, or Kuji-In, is central to the power of the ninja and is activated via hand signals that allow the Ninja to channel various worldly energies. What makes the ninja so strong, as opposed to the common sorcerer, is that a ninja's power comes from the world around them, as opposed to their own internal strength. The strength of individual jutsu is determined by ones level of harmony with the universe.

Intonjutsu(1)—The art of disappearing. At level one, the ninja is able to conceal him or herself in the shadows to a great degree and is skilled at finding good hiding places. The ninja is usually able to remain unseen.

Level 2—The ninja has ascended to average skill in Intonjutsu. A ninja that has achieved this degree of mastery has studied his opponents well and gains the ability to predict their movements, allowing the ninja to avoid confrontation all together.

Level 3--The ninja is above average in the use of Intonjutsu. A ninja that has reached this level of mastery has gained the ability to disguise themselves as the enemy and remain relatively unnoticed, essentially allowing the ninja to walk right in the front door.

Level 4--The ninja is greatly skilled in the devices that dictate the usage of Intonjutsu and has an adept understanding of his environment. A ninja that has mastered the skill to this degree can disappear at will for a short time, allowing him to literally be invisible.

Level 5—The ninja has mastered the use of Intonjutsu to its fullest degree. Such a harmony with nature has been achieved that the ninja can appear to become part of his surroundings. A master of Intonjutsu may have the ability to teleport over short distances, giving him a great advantage in combat and escape.

Bo Ryaku(1)—The art of deception. At the most basic level of mastery, the ninja is able to talk his way out of almost any situation and is able to convince weaker minded people that what he says is true. The ninja is usually believed.

Level 2—Moderate skill has been achieved in the use of Bo Ryaku. A ninja that has reached this degree of mastery is able to convince foes to become his allies.

Level 3—Above average skill has been reached in the use of Bo Ryaku. A ninja that has reached this degree of mastery
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