Synergy Is Like A Broom That Sweeps Your Floor

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What is Synergy?

By common definition, it means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is apparent to most basic materials we use in order to increase their efficiencies. Let’s say for instance a broom. A broom is made up of a handle stick, countless stiff bristles made of synthetic material, assembled together to serve its purpose: sweeping. Now if you disintegrate it, such as unhinging the handle stick from the synthetic bristles then loosening up their binding, do you think it can still sweep, let alone efficiently sweep? In fact, if you pluck out a bristle or two and attempt to sweep, what do you think will happen? You most likely won’t be able to do a thing until you bind together more bristles to create the force that will enable it to serve its purpose. If that’s the case, synergy then is the approach we can use to increase our productivity.

Most of us were raised to become competitive in this discriminating society. In growing up, our parents might have enthusiastically encouraged us to excel. For some, growing up was painful, therefore they lack confidence and encouragement to excel. There are only fortunate few who went through maturity while experiencing the power of synergy in the process, mostly because of the social influences their parents or close relatives have already established. A lot of us don’t have this birthright so we may have a rough start, that is of course if we decide to sincerely pursue true happiness. This can only be achieved when one has the freedom to make any choice at any given time. Unfortunately, for those who work a job and are bound to their routine schedule, this needs to be overcome first. Good news is, it can be done, but can only be so when that person proactively decides it will happen. Making that decision involves a process on how to achieve that goal, undertaking steps that require patience and discipline. The first step is to know what you’re truly passionate about, wherefore it’s crucial to know who you really are. First things first.

Having read articles of inspiration, I’ve come to admire the fact that most successful people encourage you to pursue what you really love. If it’s dancing, dance your soul away; If singing, then sing your heart out; and if it’s writing, write your thoughts like it’s the air you breathe. They say that when you engage in activities you really love, you release the most creative element your spirit can express. Your passion for something will also be instrumental in giving you a clear sense of direction as you thread through life. Because you’re empathic on what you do, you become consistent in producing quality results, given that your happiness boosts up the level of energy necessary to attain that goal.

Synergy in human relations can only be enlivened by someone who is truly independent, and true independence is actualized by defining your contribution which is measured through the quality and influences it creates. It also means embracing the talents of others on crafts that you’re not so good at, then combining your expertise with theirs to produce a better outcome. Quite easy to tailor out the steps. However, emotional creatures humans are, executing these steps might be harder than you think. Your logic may say right away, “Yes, you can do it just like that.” But when you put it into practice involving another person who happens to have polar views from you, engaging in it may be a difficult task. A heightened degree of understanding and solid form of character are cardinal to thrive in these undertakings.

Just like everything else, reaching that level of maturity calls for preparation; some may coin it as training your mind. Once again it’s a choice that we’re freely given to take if we really want to. It’s not an easy path that’s why only few are relishing the rewards of freedom. A lot of us are satisfied in securing a job that mostly provides financial security. There may be some who really enjoy their jobs. The common ground is that jobs may dictate the time we spend in our personal endeavors and affect the quality of the relationships we cherish. Now that doesn’t sound so liberating. Luckily, the choice of walking the road to freedom is always available, yet it takes a lot of time to reach the destination. If you ever choose to cross, the effort you put forth becomes the definition of your character and determines the outcome in the end, validating that we are the choices we make.
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