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T.E.R.M: The Earth Rescue Mission
Chpt 1
This world is polluted with so many thoughts and so many words. We always misunderstand each other and misread words. We always misunderstand thoughts and turn those thoughts into belief.
But this is all through a result of time. Time is the existence of all. Time is what created life. And life created time. Two universal illusions of necessary life.
To pollute this world is to pollute ourselves, yet no one understands this. We always look, but we do not listen.

"What does that even mean?" said a young girl.
In due time, you too will understand. My words can be easily be misunderstood by you.
The voice in her head went silent and she looked out the window. The rain pelted the window like small withering hands of children. The girl wore a red nightgown with matching red slippers. The slippers had a small black ribbon on them and shined like a rare jewel. She slipped them off her feet and walked into bed. She closed her hazel eyes and lived in her fantasies until the night passed.
The girl woke up as bright sun peeked into her room. Last nights storm only seemed to be a bad nightmare. The girl looked out the window and she saw the garden's flowers look more beautiful as they collected water from last nights storm.The girl walked out of her room and walked to the bathroom beside her room. She brushed her long, curly blond hair. And brushed her teeth sparkling clean.
As she walked out she bumped into a gray uniform.
"Sorry, morning Rebeka," the girl said.
The girl knew that this woman was Rebeka because Rebeka always had that nice rose scent about her. Rebeka laughed.
"Morning Lioka," Rebeka said.
Lioka smiled at Rebeka, Rebeka was the kind of woman Lioka wanted to be when she grew up. Rebeka was beautiful with long red hair, a natural tan, and green emerald eyes.
Rebeka had a nice chest and had some nice curves.
Compared to Lioka who was flat chested and was curveless.
"Have you spoken to Enesia yet?" Rebeka asked.
"Only last night," Lioka said.
"Last night?" Rebeka said, "He should have been resting last night."
"He was telling me his stories again,"
"Dear they are more then stories," Rebeka said, "Don't you hear the meaning behind them."
"Saying something like that makes you sound just like him,"
Rebeka laughed.
"I have to be on way with duties, don't worry Lioka you will grow out you're only twelve,"
Lioka looked at Rebeka. Rebeka laughed and walked off with a lazy wave.
Lioka walked back into her room and opened her dresser. She took out a white sundress with a golden flower pattern. She easily slipped off the nightgown and replaced it with the sundress. Lioka walked out of her room to see a lot of people walking around in their gray uniforms.
Their uniforms consisted of a gray coat with the insignia of T.E.R.M on it. A black or gray t-shirt or muscle shirt and gray or black pants with black combat boots.
Most of the people in the uniform looked at her once and gave her a nasty look.
"Kids shouldn't be running around this place, especially twelve year olds," whispered some of them.
"Hey! Enesia is thirteen, don't you think he deserves someone around him that is his own age," said a man.
Walking towards Lioka was the most frightful man you have ever seen. He was extremely muscular, had a nice buzz cut, and smelled of thick clone.
He was darked skin, but that had nothing to do with making him frightening. The aura around him charismatic, strong will, and strong personality made him frightening.
"Morning Lioka, were you heading down to see Enesia," the man said.
"I was going to,"
"Well go see your dream guy,"
Lioka quickly blushed and then just as quick as blushed glared at the man. No one was suppose to know she had a crush on Enesia. She heard a giggle in her head.
"You're not suppose to be going into my thoughts like that...I thought we had a deal," Lioka said.
I cannot help if your mind is so cluttered with useless information.

"My information isn't useless," Lioka said.
Lioka walked down the stairs of the house and walked towards a man in a room with one giant glass window, and some security cameras. It also had a whole bunch of buttons and scanning devices. Lioka took out her card.
"I am authorized to go down," Lioka said.
The security guard looked at her card lazily and gave her the nod. The wall opened up to be an elevator and Lioka walked in. She pressed the down arrow
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