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I feel certain that, with just a little thought and careful planning, you too could create such a blogroll. Find others who share your particular blogging interest, hobby, or craft. Politics, anyone? Cooks love recipes, especially those of other cooks that can be shared, tried, and reviewed. How about a reference to all your fellow band members at school? It's a great place to keep the URL's for blogs of fellow family members, and a great way to put that Holiday Letter on the internet!

Perhaps you would like to post a resume, or chaps from your latest spec fic WIP for potential agents, editors, or even *gasp!* publishers to have available to read when considering your talents.

The list is endless, but you should narrow the possibilities to YOUR blog's function, purpose and design. It's not what gets included that should jump out at you here; it's what you choose NOT to include that will help create your blog's personality.

Every blog is different, but not every blog is unique. I would just ask you to consider that for a moment, okay?

For some writers/bloggers (those who create, maintain and grow a web log) it is not so much a wish to be unique, but to be able to vent! They speak a problem, and along comes someone else who says they have the same problem. (Look at this site!) Sports, entertainment, politics, families, hobbies, work...these are but a very few of the possibilities for creating a blog.

Your Blog roll should reflect the unique attributes of yourself, others, and your subject. Today, there is a real movement afoot to equate bloggers with "journalists".

We should be cautious about that. Journalists have a very high standard for truth, and non-biased reportage which requires a very strict set of rules for every word under their name or banner (Mast Head). If you wish your blog to be of that quality, and you are willing to do the work (for free) for the long-term, that's perfectly alright. There are many useful tools we can discuss here that cover Journalism, and Journalists. It can be a very painful, excruciating, and thankless job, and the pay is very low. I simply wish to caution you to use the greatest care when setting out to blog in a truly Journalistic manner.

Prayer Journals, corporate blogs, specialty or industry blogs, hobby or special interest blogs, or personal interest blogs are all fully legitimate types of blogs. Let your blogroll help define the scope and purpose of your blog. Your friends and readers will deeply appreciate it. It's something to think about as we begin the process of creating your new blog, or enhancing your current blog(s).

For now, try setting up your own Blogroll by your new blog. I put mine on a custom page. My blogroll is that important to me, and yours will become that important to you. I don't want my primary tool lost down the side of a navbar or menu set. So I put it at the very top, with instant access to use or change. My blogroll changes regularly, as we will see.

You can do that, or create a blogroll on the side of your blog (if your blog is posted here. I suggest that you do that, for our sharing and learning purposes.) If you wish (and I hope you do), post a comment linking to your blogroll. I'd love to see what you've done with it. Ask questions, make comments, and share what you already know!

I'll see you next time. Until then,
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