Taken Away (Poem)

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This is my 2nd poem that I wrote after my first ever vampire poem. I don't think it's near as good as my first one, but I'll let you guys decide and tell me what you think. :)
To be away, away, oh so far away,
Is like being in a prison forever in a day.

For I find I have the desire to jump into the stars in the sky to take my soul away,
But yet I must keep fighting, and be with her in another way.

There is no price that I know I would not pay,
For everything to be once more merry and gay.

For I kneel down to my Lord and pray,
That if he does not take me while I sleep, then guide my body and my soul so I do not go astray.
I know I'm a little repetitive but with how I wanted the poem to be and sound, it was hard to think of something else to write down for ryhming words. And yes I know I used the word gay but I mean it in the old fashion of to be happy again. Not the modern day meaning of the word. :rolleyes: At any rate, I hope you like it!
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