Taming the Beast

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So I have gotten back on my feet and turned in my partly-completed synopsis for critique. Waiting for all of the red ink. I know it will still have its problems, but I'm hoping that it's better than the last one. <crossing fingers>

Planning on finishing V for Vendetta while the baby is asleep.

Also--good news!--I've been doing very well on my research for the short story. (All this work for something that may or may not be publishable!!) I have made a really good contact in the U.S. (a poly sci professor, I think), who is graciously allowing me to call him with my questions. Once I get the synopsis back, I may have different questions. Who knows?

I've also learned that in NY State, employee cell phones can be monitored and that recently there was a landmark case in which an employee sued for GPS tracking monitoring that proved he was leaving work early. He lost the case. Employers who give you an email, computer or phone for business purposes can check however they want on your doings. Just be aware, folks!
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