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:mad:Okay, so here's why I'm mad: :mad:

My friend and I are in girl scouts. (Lame, I know...) This friend of mine, I'll call her Shaniqua, has treated me like **** ever since I became her friend. But I was in love with her in seventh grade (I'm bi...) and she's been my friend for a while, so I chose to accept that she's a bitch by personality. Everyone has their flaws, right?

So, Shaniqua asked me if I was going to a girl scout camp out. I said that I couldn't because my little sister, who is five years old and autistic, has to be watched so that my mother can go to an autism informational meeting.

Here's what she said:

"You've known about it for a long time! Go to it!"

First of all, I'm not the only person with a life in my house- I live in a family of five. The people in my family have things going on besides me.

Second of all, Shaniqua is basically saying that a stupid girl scout camp out is more important than learning more about a disability to benifit my little sister. Seriously, my sister means more than the world to me, and I wouldn't just take Shaniqua's priorities over my sister's. Family comes first.

Third of all, if I had a choice, I wouldn't want to go. Shaniqua treated me like **** at the other girl scout event. Why should I even want to go with her on this one?

So today, when we were walking down the hallway...

This was really hard for me to do, but I casually said 'hi' to Shaniqua. She looked at me, straight in the eye, and walked away.

Bitchy, no?

She really doesn't have a right to be mad at me, the girl who said that she couldn't go to the event because she put her little autistic sister first.

Shaniqua doesn't understand that this is a tragedy for my family. My sister's condition is very severe, and Shaniqua is being very inconsiderate and selfish.

Arg, now I'm on a rant...but thanks for reading anyhow, and please post a comment about what I should do about this because I'm so angry that I can't even think! :mad:

~Tash a.k.a. Sugar
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